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What is the book about?

Leigh Manor is the 18th Century home of the aristocratic Pemberton family and a beautiful country house, steeped in history. An idyllic place to bring up a family, you would think; but it hides a terrifying secret. 

An evil that has lain dormant for centuries is about to be unleashed. The reactivated, spine-chilling power of Satan is growing in the hidden Room of Souls; growing stronger every day, as the Summer Solstice approaches; the time of pagan human sacrifice. 

Alice's two children are 'Sensitives', they see the half-dead, and when Alice is befriended by a mysterious old traveller, he explains why and warns her of the impending consequences. All the while, her drunken, hedonistic husband is tearing their marriage apart. 

A loving mother and her two children, her debaucherous husband, and a mysterious old alchemist; together they experience the worst possible nighmare. 
Alice is no ordinary person, but, is she strong enough to take on the awesome power of Satan, to save her children? 

Perhaps there's more to the old traveller than first appears? 

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Also available in paperback