The underlying theme is that of hope for the future.


I decided that the major religions of Christianity and Islam would feature strongly in the book highlighting the very hypocrisies that I find so repugnant in the modern world.


The major US locations in the book are: San Francisco, Houston and Washington DC. I visited each of these cities as part of my research and used many actual locations to give the storyline authenticity.


It wasn't my intention, when I wrote the novel, to criticise religion but rather the interpretation put on it by many dangerous extremists who threaten the fragile existence of mankind.


Primarily it is a novel about good against evil. A novel of our troubled times, with a dash of paranormal, conspiracy, suicide, murder and a large dose of sci-fi, which answers the 'enigma' of Darwinian evolution. 


My personal wish is that good will always prevail against evil and the future for our children will be a bright one; where love, peace, tolerance and understanding are real and not just dreams.