Pressure is mounting on the Metropolitan Police Force after an alarming number of young women have been brutally killed and their mutilated bodies left in public places around the city of London.


With no witnesses, no CCTV evidence or clues to who the murderer is or what the motive might be, SIO Ronnie Jarvis once again calls on the assistance of specialist private investigators, Alan Cornish and Melanie Underwood.


When a young, male Cambridge law student’s mutilated body is found in woods near Saffron Walden the case takes on another dimension, and soon Alan Cornish and Melanie Underwood are embroiled in a complex murder mystery investigation hindered by corruption, a secret society, and deceitful ingenuity.


Aware that their reputations are at stake, Cornish and Underwood are pushed to the limits of their investigative skills, striving to uncover the sordid, heartbreaking facts that would, hopefully, lead them to the killer and to a successful conviction.