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What is the book about?

The Angels of Destiny is a pacy three part sci-fi thriller for adults.

Astrophysicist, Robert McPherson, is invited to join a team of the world’s most eminent scientists at a top-secret project, based in Houston, Texas.

A leaked document to the San Francisco Herald exposing the projects aims starts a series of deadly events and Robert McPherson’s exposure to a strange crystal. A crystal with immense powers, given only to the Chosen Ones, by the Angels of Destiny.

Suicide, murder, blackmail, extremism, the threat of nuclear war and two alien bodies, stored below the Pentagon for over fifty years that suddenly go missing.

Robert McPherson is about to experience the unimaginable truth.

From the USA to Europe, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Moscow and North Korea, a pacy provocative, emotional and engaging novel.